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The college and university lifecycle is the focus of Acadmax Campus Solution. Acadmax will help you manage the entire student, teacher and employees lifecycle seamlessly – from recruiting of student to admission, through student services and alumni relationship – in a secure and stable environment. Acadmax Campus solution integrates and streamlines the infrastructure on which the student lifecycle depends; either you’re a school, college or university. It helps you do more with less effort, maximizing your efficiency. And it uses scalable technology that can expand to meet your needs in the future.

Key to a wise online initiate is robust Campus Management System (CMS) that is easy to learn; easy to use; flexible; rich in features for learning, teaching and administration.

From first contact to graduation and beyond, successful higher education institutions are focusing on the best way to communicate with students. There’s new emphasis on the whole range of events and requirements that make up the long-term relationship a student has with the school, college or university. The relationship can be defined as student lifecycle.

Throughout the student lifecycle, Acadmax Campus Solutions drives efficiency and productivity in all your business processes – so you can focus time and resources on the objectives that define the success of your institute.

The future of Online Campus
Taking your campus online means more than e-mail, a website, storing information and records. It can also mean bringing more efficiency to every process across the student lifecycle. By sharing information and working together over the internet; students, teachers, administrators and alumni can find many ways to be more productive.

Acadmax Campus Solution supports the future concept of online campus. It removes the barriers to business so that you can better manage relationship with your students – from earliest recruiting stage to graduation. Connect your users, data and system across departments and campuses with infinite possibilities to improve services and reduce cost.

Ensure security of sensitive and personal information. Empower users to make better decisions using real-time data.  To the degree that you can put business, student and learning services online – streamlining productivity and optimizing resources – your college or university is better able to fulfill its academic missions and goals.

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