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WorkMax – Maximize your work efficiency

Project management software solutions don't require a large budget anymore. Although lots of alternatives to major solutions are available on the Internet, finding the right tool for your needs might be a complex process. Compared to many other collaboration software, Workmax provides a unique solution: a feature-rich web-based project manager software that remains simple and easy-to-use but yet powerful enough to address user requirements. Therefore, Workmax can help you as much as a big league system would... And perhaps, even better.

WorkMax is easy to work with compared to many other PM tools, which are often overkill for most organizations. More importantly directors and employees should spend more time managing the project rather creating them. Our strong “Help” section as well as our free customer service contribute to shorten the learning curve. WorkMax has no “bells and whistles”, it has what we feel project managers and their teammates need, period.

Each resource can visualize his/her assigned tasks. This way, employee knows exactly what needs to be done. Moreover, our email notification service keeps team members updated on new and updated tasks, keeping all of them well-informed and able to work efficiently by strong reporting services.

WorkMax can be accessed at any time, as long as you have access to an internet connection and a web browser. Whether you are at home or in the office, your data can be accessed whenever it is needed. By using a web-based application, you are always running the latest version available. We take care of version upgrades, server maintenance, latest virus threats, etc. We know you have no time to waste with these duties. You can keep your precious time for project management.

Salient features include:

  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Define teams, roles, assign tasks, deliverables etc.
  • Track work progress, system automatically notifies you in case of delay or missing deadlines.
  • Each assigned task can be open and edited easily with a single click.
  • Track projects and milestones
  • Create meeting, set date and location, send email to members and track meeting notes.
  • Monitor the activity within project with many types of reports at the project and at the administrative level.
  • View project progress through charts giving details about timing of project and milestones as they occur within a given timeline.
  • Manage daily, weekly or monthly tasks, milestones through calendar.
  • Track To-do’s, milestones, project deadlines and generate dynamic reports.
  • File attachment support, as sometimes milestone requires additional documentation.
  • Reminders for coming task, milestones etc.  
  • Manage multiple resources with access privileges
  • Manage Task dependencies



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