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Technical Support Services

Max Intelligence Infrastructure Management & Support services are delivered based on specific customer needs and budgets. With a core objective to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and continuity of qualified support resources our service offering encompass desktop and server management, data center management, network and communications management, and technical assistance as well as business continuity and disaster recovery services.
Typical service portfolio may include the following services/tasks:
  • Manage Hardware & Communication Network
  • Maintain Network security.
  • Maintain virus and other software patches as and when required.
  • Maintain user profiles.
  • Maintain periodic backups for all databases residing on the server.
  • Maintain periodic backups for all user data residing on the server.
  • Manage software licenses.
  • Facilitate in managing hardware contracts.
  • Facilitate in managing network contracts.
  • Maintain backup resources.
  • Software Installation & Optimization & Trouble shooting.
  • Migration to new software versions.
  • Server optimization
  • Disaster Recovery Services
    And more…

Our capacity to match the right resource to each of our client’s requirements serves as a cost advantage to our customers.
Besides we also provide dedicated and non-dedicated support services for application software and solutions. With our exposure and proven model for offshore software development and delivery our capabilities cover onsite, offsite and offshore support options.
Clients will reduce costs and improve performance while maintaining control over the strategic direction of their IT environment. Some expected benefits include:

  • Availability of technical talent to focus on more strategic initiatives for the company 
  • Significant reduction in current cost of maintaining and supporting IT infrastructure 
  • Focus on core business and functions 
  • A guarantee of price, quality, productivity and service, tied to mutually agreed-upon performance levels (long-term and mutually beneficial relationship)
  • Access to new technologies that enhance business performance 
Maintenance or improvement of current IT service levels



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