Automating every bit of your education system from school, college to university

Effective Education Management Solution

The college and university lifecycle is the focus of Acadmax Campus Solution. Acadmax will help you manage the entire student, teacher, and employee lifecycle seamlessly – from recruiting a student to admission, through student services and alumni relationship – in a secure and stable environment. Acadmax Campus solution integrates and streamlines the infrastructure on which the student lifecycle depends; either you’re a school, college, or university. It helps you do more with less effort, maximizing your efficiency. And it uses scalable technology that can expand to meet your needs in the future.

Robust Campus Management System

Acadmax Education Management Solution

Throughout the student lifecycle, Acadmax Campus Solutions drives efficiency and productivity in all your business processes – so you can focus time and resources on the objectives that define the success of your institute.

From first contact to graduation and beyond, successful higher education institutions are focusing on the best way to communicate with students. There’s new emphasis on the whole range of events and requirements that make up the long-term relationship a student has with the school, college or university. The relationship can be defined as student lifecycle.

The Future of Online Campus

Taking your campus online bringing more efficiency to every process across the student lifecycle. By sharing information and working together over the internet; students, teachers, administrators and alumni can find many ways to be more productive.

In the higher education software and service industry, Acadmax is solely focused on meeting the specific needs of higher education. Unlike typical ERP vendors, whose main technology platform is back office systems with Internet connectivity simply as an add-on module, we believes that the future of administrative technology lies in the seamless integration of back-end administrative databases with new accessibility features like Internet connectivity, e-learning solutions, web collaboration, and business intelligence.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Increase staff efficiency with customizable workflows

Automate routines and free up staff from repetitive tasks

Extensive capabilities to enable data-driven decisions

Higher education focus and dedication

Best-demonstrated practices of a large installed base

A proven understanding of the market space

Sufficing higher education  dynamic challenges

In today’s advancing age where development and progress is at its highest, the field of education equally requires the application of new and latest approaches. Acadmax campus solution provides opportunities to the student to excel in the field of education. It is rich in features for learning, time constraint problem and not complicated at all. It is also secure and flexible.

Easy management of schedule and assignments

Students can easily manage their lecture schedule, time table and assignments. They can automatically inform through internal e-mail concerning assignments, presentation and quizzes and they can place their assignments within the given time limit. They can also easily get their evaluation of mid term and final terms. They can also get information about their subjects. Through acadmax students progress will be displayed because teachers manage class grades online so students can easily perceive their results and also compare it with class mates for the competition.

Every student gets its assignments, presentation and quizzes with the necessary description through their email. Students will be in contact with their teachers through messages; this makes interaction and communication from students extremely high. Student can be informed through automatic notification whenever new assignment is posted, postponement of lecture, project deadline is coming and library book is over-due or fee is not paid etc.

Records and Financial Management

Student financial account is also opened, monitor and update it whenever required. Students can calculate tuition fee for semester with different combination of courses. The financial module can list account balances and post transactions. Students can pay their fee through credit cards; unique bill is also generated for students.

From the acadmax library system students can easily search their required books and if the book is not available they will be easily reserved in advance, and also notify them whenever book is available. It also has user interface for staff, student and visitor. Students can also search within the acdmax campus portal for students shared documents, research papers, pictures, files, generals forums etc

Acadmax saves your administrative staff time and effort by providing fast, easy access to a broad range of student records, student activity, student profiles, and student health information, from admission to course registration, to managing assignments and tracking everyday activities, to violations and sanctions. Track, manage, and store up-to-the-minute student information at your fingertips, in summary or in detail. By simplifying routine processes and eliminating duplicative data entry, Acadmax helps your institution provide more effective student service and enhance your most vital relationships.

Define and Track Student's daily Activities

Manage Counseling Services

  • Track detail or summary for activities, meetings, events, and class attendance
  • Access session activity detail or summary information
  • Define available activities and organizations
  • Track activity and organizational involvement histories
  • Check for meeting schedule and locate conflicts
  • View profile information accumulated from student admissions
  • Review student grades
  • Track emails sent to a student’s parent or guardian from any campus office
  • Determine student financial status with your institution
  • Examine student campus driving records

Managing Student Projects

Guide Students in Career Planning

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Multiple task management to organize your work efficiently
  • Track project milestones
  • Manage progress through charts, and reminders
  • Attach files with milestones for additional required documentation
  • Identify a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Review and enter student interests and activities
  • Design and update student’s resumes
  • Forward information to prospective employer
  • Identify open positions and display upcoming interviews

Teachers can make better decisions using synchronized data and they can see the precise information they need. They have many benefits including viewing, posting, defining, recording, analyzing, calculating, printing, altering, maintaining, assigning and uploading assignments, quizzes, notes and grades. They can also enter detailed notes about what’s projected of students and calculate term marks and final grades etc.

Teachers can also create score tests for use in evaluating a student’s course grade, which are afterwards automatically marked and results are simulated in student’s overall course marks depending on test weight-age and marks distribution policy set by the teacher. The system can also calculate relative percentage score of assignments, presentations and quizzes given by students to determine average marks.

Teachers can also manage their classes, schedules and results by using this software. This system also helps the faculty in creating papers for online and offline exams. They can also handle multiple projects within one single account; each project constructed in a unique way. In this software a teacher creates, preview and edit questions in a course question bank; a data base of questions. Entry to the question bank is possible while editing or creating a quiz activity or through the administration block. Question bank can be later on used for quizzes, assignments, online tests and through export process in a lesson.

Faculty can also teach a student from on or off a campus; by providing videos along with uploaded notes. This facilitates teachers the most. Any faculty member can send email to individual student, group or entire class.

  • Teachers can access the information any time
  • Facility of mail service
  • Create, forward and reply messages to individual or group
  • See complete calendar of their classes
  • View list of students enrolled or wait-listed
  • Documents can be shared as private or public
  • Calendar interface to set the tasks on date basis
  • Reminders can also be turned on
  • Every task is highly controlled
  • Access to student’s publicly shared documents

Blogs can also be created, which is a personal diary for teachers and a means of sending messages to a large audience. Forums for any department or subject can be created which is the best way to communicate with the students. Forums are a positive step towards creating a friendly link between teachers and students. Such forums can be used by a member to invite others for solving a scientific problem or starting a public discussion on any subject.

Boosting Efficiency

Key to a wise online initiate is robust Campus Management System (CMS) that is easy to learn; easy to use; flexible; rich in features for learning, teaching and administration.

Seamless Education

Acadmax Campus Solution supports the future concept of online campus. It removes the barriers to business so that you can better manage relationship with your students – from earliest recruiting stage to graduation. Connect your data and system across campuses with infinite possibilities to improve services delivery.

High Security

Ensure security of sensitive and personal information. Empower users to make better decisions using real-time data. To the degree that you can put business, student and learning services online – streamlining productivity and optimizing resources – your college or university is better able to fulfill its academic missions and goals.