Software development 

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Software application development solutions that drive productivity

Custom Software development has one of the major practice areas for Max Intelligence and forms a major part of our workforce. We maintain dedicated development and support teams on different computing platforms. These include: Microsoft Technologies, Java, PowerBuilder, Web Based Application Development.

Enterprise Software Development

Max Intelligence is software development company that creates custom software to meet the business needs of verticals. We provide full scale software development services with QA testing during all phases of the product development process.

      Application Migration

Max Intelligence’s application migration services helps in migrating the legacy applications to the modern platforms such as porting the applications from Microsoft platform to Java and Java platform to Microsoft technology.

Mobile Application Development

We us React Native to create customer-centric business application for different industries. Max Intelligence builds hybrid mobile apps that provide a native user experience to bring your business value.

SaaS Solutions

Analyzing and engineering custom scalable SaaS products with 3 rd party services
integration. We provide SaaS development consultancy, application design and prototyping, its application development followed by support & maintenance.

UX/UI Design

We are always read to apply our and partners experience in UX/UI design to develop a
responsive and easy to use application that will win the hearts of the users. Simple butpowerful and unique designs.

QA & Software Testing

We provide full-scale quality assurance and testing services with proven track record at every stage of the software development, starting from prototype to final application testing after deployment.

Are you looking for something simple but special? Our team will do its best to assist you..

Our development lifecycle

The work on any custom software development project go through following phases

Discovery Phase

requirement gathering and analysis

Development Phase

design, front-end and back-end development


full lifecycle testing starting with requirements stage up to final testing at the release and deployment stages


deployment of the system on the customer's environment


Quality guarantee period and customer support

Why Custom Software?

There is a plethora of ways a business could fail;
the limitations of software shouldn't be one of
them. Oftentimes businesses will turn to an off-
the-shelf software solution because it appears to
be the quicker and cheaper option.

This may initially seem true, however, the
limitations of off-the-shelf software can result in
more costs and time spent attempting to add
required features and functionality.

Custom Software

Developed to meet unique needs & requirements
Can be easily modified & expanded
Seamless software & system integrations with no
additional costs
Custom features & functionality unique to only
your company

Off-The-Shelf Software

Does not provide industry specific requirements
Cannot be easily modified
Software & system integrations are difficult & can
be very costly
Features & functionality readily available to