We offer one the best in house training programs for professionals

Training Services

Investment in Human Capital is a key business decision which enables the maximization of returns through sustained growth. Keeping this in view, we at Max Intelligence have been actively involved in developing and delivering in-house trainings customized to meet client requirements, as well as open-audience trainings conducted for the professional development of personnel belonging to various organizations.

ReasonĀ One

In-house Training Programs

We conduct in-house training programs for organizations that are interested in training larger groups of employees in various technical and soft skills. The logistics, venue etc. for these courses may be arranged by yourself or by us, depending on your preference. Since different clients have different training requirements, we provide mainly two types of in-house training programs, as follows:
Standard Courses: the course content and format are based on the open audience programs. Minor modifications are made to ensure that the program is fit for your organization.

Tailored Courses: the course length, content and format are tailored to reflect the nature of your business and specific requirements. Case studies and scenarios related to your organization may be incorporated to reflect practical and real issues happening in your organization.

Reason Two

Training Consultancy

Before you decide what training courses your employees should attend, you have to be aware of the areas in which they require skill improvement. Such an approach helps to ensure that your training investment is targeted. We offer consultancy services in conducting Training Needs Assessments (TNA) for organizations, to help you in identifying the skill gaps of your employees.
In addition, we can help you to assess the effectiveness of your training interventions, by conducting a Post-training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such tools can help you to assess the effect that training is having on actual skills improvement in your organization.
We may also join hands with you to devise a comprehensive Training Strategy for your organization, starting with a TNA, a training implementation plan as well as a Post-Training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such a strategy will enable you to focus on Employee Development in a structured and planned manner, with a focus on maximizing return on training investment.