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Edmax Core

Acadmax’s core-module ‘Edmax’ saves your administrative staff time and effort by providing fast, easy access to a broad range of student records, student activity, student profiles, and student health information, from course registration to managing assignments and tracking everyday classroom activities, to violations and sanctions. Manage students and departments’ timetable, lecture and attendance and examination record. Track, manage, and store up-to-the-minute student information at your fingertips, in summary or in detail. By simplifying routine processes and eliminating duplicative data entry, Edmax helps your institution provide more effective student service and enhance your most vital relationships. Most institutions consider themselves to be student-centric—they must attract, retain, and serve students, and then cultivate lifelong relationships beyond graduation. But they also realize that they must significantly improve their processes and services to meet their objectives.

The ideal solution will streamline information flow and optimize productivity of resources—improving quality of service while keeping costs down. And finally, let Acadmax Campus Self Service provide your users with the information they need, 24/7—increasing their productivity and the quality of their decision-making.

Manage Student Lifecycle

The convergence of new, integrated, Web-based technologies and a student-centric focus create opportunities to manage the student lifecycle effectively. Investing in technology to better support your institution’s goals can deliver real and measurable benefits.
It all begins with the ease with which information is shared via the Web. With Acadmax, your users can communicate and share information across departments, organizations, systems, and campuses. Use Edmax Student Administration Solutions to connect the various silos of student data within your institution.

Integrated Solution for Education

Edmax provides superior integration of the diverse systems within your institution, while maintaining the security and stability of your environment. Integration makes using the system easier for all users—they won’t need to learn to work in many different environments. Day-to-day activities are easier for everyone, from students to IT staff to administrators. Through every phase of the student lifecycle, Edmax offers the functionality to help you achieve the objectives of your institution. Through recruiting and admissions, you can enhance the quality and diversity of applicants and first-year students. Through student services, you can improve student retention and graduation rates, and create a more positive experience for students.

There are 100+ activities in this module, so of which are:

  • Provide complete access to CMS for tracking down all academic activities from student’s
  • interface, view grades, lectures, assignments, degree progress etc.
  • Keep track of all courses, assignments and other deliverables from the application
  • Provide summary and detailed analysis of individual student statistics
  • Maintain detailed grading information of course and semester wise.
  • Ability to access important modules like library, course management, financials, etc.
  • Analyze degree progress and provide recommendation
  • Students can update personal profile, post comments on forums, and originate or take part in accessible polls and surveys.
  • Ability to upload assignments, share documents and issue books from library etc.
  • Listing of all available courses in program and register courses online, the system automatically calculates the prerequisites requirements.
  • Ability to check assignment, quiz and project scores
  • Ability to view course schedule, lecture details, venue, date and time information of class
  • Request official and unofficial transcripts, and fee payment in installments

Employee Management Module

Some activities which users can perform in this module are:

  • Keep complete personal and academic detail of every employee of university
  • Faculty members can view teaching schedule online, view/track complete course plan
  • Ability to import/export results in/from Excel
  • The faculty members can access to student information such as personal and degree progress reports and post his private and public comments.
  • Able to communicate with students online (selected or all students)
  • Ability to make appropriate changes in course plan/topics

Course Management

There are 125+ activities and some activities which users can perform in this module are:

  • Provides a student-friendly solution for managing student self-managed choice
  • Ability to create course, course plans and offer them for certain period.
  • Define pre-requisites of a course, all students to take them.
  • Add introductory documents, references, books, topics, lectures etc. of the course
  • Create/Add assignments and ability to trigger/close them automatically on due date
  • Assign course supervisor/instructor to the course, get complete profile of the academia
  • Students has the ability to register courses online through self-service
  • View marks details of the quizzes; assignments, presentations etc. view the comments of the teacher, exchange notes with members of CMS.
  • View complete course plan, schedule and track progress on daily basis
  • Auto tracking of program activity and attendance of the student
  • Ability to upload assignments, share documents and issue books from library etc.
  • Ability to view course schedule, lecture details, venue, date and time information of class
  • Create multiple course instances and assign teachers or modify course plan
  • Ability to run multiple reports courses, thesis, examination, attendance etc.

Lecture and Attendance Management

This module has following functionalities:

  • Ability of teacher to create/modify lectures plan
  • Add topics and reference materials of the lecture
  • Track course lecture progress from both teacher and student interface, suggestion on making appropriate changes in course plan
  • Manage makeup lectures
  • Auto-handling of makeup lectures conflicts, if class or students are occupied
  • Mark attendance and run automated reports both of lecture and attendance

Time Table and Scheduler

This module brings over 30 activities for different members:

  • Ability of define department rooms, setup lecture duration
  • Define daily lectures (start/end time with duration)
  • Set/Configure time table configuration
  • Create time table, exam date sheets and publish them
  • Auto-conflict handling of exams and lectures
  • Ability to generate multiple views like, department, class, teacher and students level.
  • Auto-send time table schedule to respect users and print them
  • Ability to reconfigure the time table and update it one-single click for all users

Examination Module

This module has over 100+ activities for different members:

  • Define exams schedule of entire semester or calendar year
  • Examination department can send instructions to faculty members on paper marking
    Marks distribution of BS, MS and PhD programs
  • Ability of student to register with examination department based on course taken
    Ability of Examination department to generate admit cards for exams
    Rechecking of answering scripts and scrutiny of results
  • Compilation, Approval and Notification of results
  • Publication of online and office exams results
  • Ability to change the examination schedule and announce new dates
  • Examination department can generate official result cards, transcripts and degree
  • Keep complete record of previous academic history of the student
  • Maintain grading information and provide summaries of student statistics
  • Ability of student to generate unofficial semester result transcripts
  • Ability to pass semester results to HoD, Dean and senior management of the university within the CMS application
  • Import/Export result in/from Excel sheets
  • The students and teachers can generate multiple reports for analysis purposes
    Tabulation of results

Offers Comprehensive Reporting Module

with over 150 Tabular and interactive graphical reports

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Financial (Fee) Module

This module has over 100+ activities and some of these are: 

  • Define multiple fee heads for students
  • Ability to generate automated fee vouchers for students depending on registered courses
  • Ability to distribute fee in installments and send automated reminders on due date
  • The system provide facilities for a defaulter subsystem to maintain the students’ records,
  • Calculate surcharge and penalty charge and initiate actions
  • Define Scholarships configuration, plans, eligibility and duration.
  • Budget heads, maintenance and assets head and deprecation of assets.
  • Fee defaulter list and auto-reminders
  • Log all financial activities
  • Run multiple financial reports both for students and finance department of university

Document Manager

  • Ability of user to create sharing zone in CMS within the allocate space
  • Upload shareable documents
  • Allow sharing capability for individuals, group or globally to everyone in the CMS
    Download shareable documents
  • Set shareable documents lifetime and ability to unshared a document.
  • Set document size limit and define allow space for any user
  • Track number of downloads

Built-in Task Scheduling Module

Acadmax offers build-in scheduling system which sends emails/reminders regarding any particular task. This scheduler runs once in 24 hours and update the status for:

  • Project Alerts
  • To-Dos Alerts
  • Reminders related to assignments and other
  • Book reissue, reserve, reservation emails/reminders
  • Database backup and restore

Campus and Department level Announcements / News bulletin Module, To-Dos and Events

This module covers some of following functionalities:

  • Ability to create announcements, events at university and department level
  • Define Campus level events and details of location and management team
  • Set lifetime of announcement or event to be displayed at every member’s dashboard
  • Create/Manage personal To-Dos
  • Set reminders and alerts before/after the to-do becomes due
  • Keep track of all departmental or campus events
  • Organize seminars and their venues, send online invitation to CMS members

Polls, Forums and Survey Management Module:

  • Ability to create forums of both departmental and university level
  • Members can send request to administrator for initiating the poll or survey
  • Create and participate both group and global level polls
  • Create survey for research purposes, set participants and time limit to it
  • Generate multiple graphical and statistic reports of polls and survey
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