Support and Maintenance

Testing Services
Max Intelligence testing services provides seamless support that meets your needs and ensure your system achieve quality levels demanded by customers. We provide comprehensive testing services that bring results and meet customer’s complete satisfaction. Our established procedures, powerful testing tools and experienced staff is the key to deliver successful testing and implementation of project.

We provide full range of testing services (QA), including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting and control of software development processes.

Working with Max Intelligence not only brings flexibility and understanding of QA processes but also minimizes risks through its best of breed testing services.

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Application Maintenance
Max Intelligence application maintenance and support services work to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining legacy systems. MI maintenance offers ways to improve existing customer applications and enhance them in response to the widening market demands. Our customers report maintenance cost savings of up to 65% in comparison to the onshore outsourcing option. This means you will free-up a budget to allocate on innovation and new development. Outsourcing maintenance to MI relieves your IT specialists of the burden of ongoing support. This means that you could free your IT for knowledge-intensive work and innovation.

  • Assessment of existing applications and take over
  • Timely proactive application maintenance (1st and 2nd line support are made available)
  • Supply of consistent resources for ongoing maintenance, new development and upgrades
  • Functional extensions
  • Legacy migration
  • Application documenting

Training Services
Investment in Human Capital is a key business decision which enables the maximization of returns through sustained growth. Keeping this in view, we at Max Intelligence have been actively involved in developing and delivering in-house trainings customized to meet client requirements, as well as open-audience trainings conducted for the professional development of personnel belonging to various organizations.
In-house Training Programs
We conduct in-house training programs for organizations that are interested in training larger groups of employees in various technical and soft skills. The logistics, venue etc. for these courses may be arranged by yourself or by us, depending on your preference. Since different clients have different training requirements, we provide mainly two types of in-house training programs, as follows:

Standard Courses: the course content and format are based on the open audience programs. Minor modifications are made to ensure that the program is fit for your organization.

Tailored Courses: the course length, content and format are tailored to reflect the nature of your business and specific requirements. Case studies and scenarios related to your organization may be incorporated to reflect practical and real issues happening in your organization.
Training Consultancy
Before you decide what training courses your employees should attend, you have to be aware of the areas in which they require skill improvement. Such an approach helps to ensure that your training investment is targeted. We offer consultancy services in conducting Training Needs Assessments (TNA) for organizations, to help you in identifying the skill gaps of your employees.

In addition, we can help you to assess the effectiveness of your training interventions, by conducting a Post-training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such tools can help you to assess the effect that training is having on actual skills improvement in your organization.

We may also join hands with you to devise a comprehensive Training Strategy for your organization, starting with a TNA, a training implementation plan as well as a Post-Training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such a strategy will enable you to focus on Employee Development in a structured and planned manner, with a focus on maximizing return on training investment.

Technical Support
Max Intelligence Infrastructure Management & Support services are delivered based on specific customer needs and budgets. With a core objective to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and continuity of qualified support resources our service offering encompass desktop and server management, data center management, network and communications management, and technical assistance as well as business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Our capacity to match the right resource to each of our client’s requirements serves as a cost advantage to our customers.
Besides we also provide dedicated and non-dedicated support services for application software and solutions. With our exposure and proven model for offshore software development and delivery our capabilities cover onsite, offsite and offshore support options.
Clients will reduce costs and improve performance while maintaining control over the strategic direction of their IT environment. Some expected benefits include:

  • Availability of technical talent to focus on more strategic initiatives for the company 
  • Significant reduction in current cost of maintaining and supporting IT infrastructure 
  • Focus on core business and functions 
  • A guarantee of price, quality, productivity and service, tied to mutually agreed-upon performance levels (long-term and mutually beneficial relationship)
  • Access to new technologies that enhance business performance 
  • Maintenance or improvement of current IT service levels