Why Outsource?

Max Intelligence is a unique provider in Indian sub-continent having been in the software product development businesses for about 6 years, we know how to build just the product you expect. You could achieve much in every aspect of product development – our promise is:

  • Faster Speed-to-Market due to organizational knowledge accumulated over 14 product development engagements;
  • Cost Savings on product development life cycle from 30%, and up to 60% for product maintenance;
  • Immediate access to R & D talent of Pakistan: best ramp-up and retention capability;

Max Intelligence outsourced product development services include:

  • Research and Development (R&D);
  • Product Concept Development and Feasibility Studies;
  • Product Development and Testing Services;
  • Customization and Localization Services;
  • Component Design and Integration;
  • Documentation;
  • Product Support;

You can also Contact our Product Development team to get additional information or to get a detailed services offer.

Industrial Practices
Clarity, transparency and procedural cohesiveness are vital to any business undertaking, especially when it comes to the intricate tasks in software development outsourcing. We believe that customers have the absolute right to know and understand our processes, methodologies, and management techniques. In this section, we have gathered documents describing our practices of all kinds. Please contact us to have any of your additional queries answered.