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Acadmax focuses on high quality education

In the higher education software and service industry, Acadmax is solely focused on meeting the specific needs of higher education. Unlike typical ERP vendors, whose main technology platform is back office systems with Internet connectivity simply as an add-on module, we believes that the future of administrative technology lies in the seamless integration of back-end administrative databases with new accessibility features like Internet connectivity, e-learning solutions, web collaboration, and business intelligence.

We attract talented software engineers, who help colleges and universities leverage their investment in back-office operations. They develop leading-edge Internet technology for the 21st century campus, the end-to-end administrative solution that will unleash the power of your investment.

Acadmax offers :

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Increase staff efficiency with easily customizable built-in workflows and processes, based on industry best-practices 
  • Automate routines and free up library staff for more knowledge-intensive tasks
  • Utilize extensive reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions that ensure the most effective management of collections and library resources.
  • Higher education focus and dedication
  • The knowledge and best-demonstrated practices of a large installed base
  • A proven understanding of the market space, and
  • A comprehensive solution to help higher education institutions meet their unique, dynamic challenges.



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