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Speaking the Language Your Users Do
Libmax can provide multilingual and multi-script support in any language. Users will able to interact with the system in any of the languages supported by their library and can change their interface language preference at any time. These robust multi-language capabilities ensure easy and efficient management and discovery of materials in all languages.

Sharing Resources in Many Ways
Libmax offers multiple resource sharing methods that support the various partnership agreements that exist between libraries. These methods enable institutions to offer patrons with the most efficient path for obtaining the material they seek. Separate Libmax systems that share a Union Catalog have common access to patron data and status via the Direct Consortial Borrowing component.

Key Benefits


Customizable components are tailored to accommodate the requirements of institutions of all types and sizes, from single-branch libraries to the largest of consortia and national libraries.

Easy to use:
User-friendly workflows and intuitive graphical interfaces increase staff efficiency and enhance the patron experience.

Growth and expansion features enable libraries and consortia to continually re-envision and recreate their unique working environments.

Multilingual and Multiscript:
Full Unicode support provides multidirectional and multiscript text capabilities. Users can interface with the system in their preferred language, and libraries can create new language interfaces.

Future proof:
The inherent multi-tier client/server structure and conformance with the latest industry standards guarantees that Libmax will meet your needs today and in the future. Our software design continually evolves to include products and components aimed at enhancing your system and ensuring that it continues to meet the changing needs of your library.



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