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SurvMax – Turning data into knowledge

SurvMax is a survey and form software that allows you to create and deploy easily without any technical knowledge web based surveys to gather important feedback from your customers, employees or website visitors. Once you've gathered all this information Feedback Server provides you with powerful online reporting tools to analyze the results in real-time allowing you to define and set new strategies for your product line or enterprise, turning knowledge into money.

Each survey form can be build on an unlimited number of pages using a wide choice of wizards to create quickly and easily questions ranging from single choice, multiple choice, matrix, scaled, constant sum or ranking based questions. A question library is available to keep the most commonly used questions into one place.

Survey administration can be done online from any place using a simple web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. No client side tools to install, everything is available at any time from everywhere and using any operating system giving full control to administrators and respondents. Each new survey can be build from scratch or using one of the provided templates. Surveys can be exported and imported using industry standard XSL or PDF files to share them between different users.

SurvMax features a panel system to create a set of information related to a single entity which will be available across the surveys and use this information to achieve cross-analysis between respondent answers and its entity.

Avoiding multiple submissions and avoiding “noise” answers to a survey is very important to obtain a consistent set of information for data analysis. SurvMax can protect a survey using several security layers. A survey can be secure by an number of layers, if the respondent fails on one of the layer he won’t be able to access the survey or submit any answers.

ServMax offers several many different ways to deploy a survey to the respondents. A survey can be deployed using a standard unique web link provided for each survey. This link can be cut and pasted within emails and any standard HTML pages and will open the survey in respondent’s web browser. SurvMax features as well a complete mailing system to send out surveys to any number of emails using its user interface.

Once data have been collected and stored it’s time to do some analysis using SurvMax reporting tools. Out of the box SurvMax offers several reporting items like graphic charts, pie charts and bar charts are provided including a free text management interface to display text entered by respondents



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