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Working with You to Maximize Library Efficiency
Modern libraries require an infrastructure that enables them to continue offering their services in constantly evolving environment. The Libmax integrated library system provides libraries with the robust, user-friendly features they need to meet the increasing requirements of the industry today and in the future.

Libmax system configuration can be tailored to meet virtually any library policy or procedure, enabling the creation of unique policies and workflows.

Today’s libraries are facing the challenges posed by a diverse and rapidly expanding information universe. Increased user expectations for faster and easier access to relevant information go hand in hand with institutional demands for increased operational efficiency.

Delivering Excellent Services and an Enhanced User Experience
The flexible system features a variety of staff modules that maximize the efficiency of the library. Patron empowerment features ensure that users enjoy a fulfilling library experience. Patrons access library materials of all types via a link in the catalog record.

The Libmax Digital Asset Management (DAM) Module enriches library services by enabling the management of and access to digital assets—audio, video, image, and sound—and their associated metadata within the Libmax environment. Using the Libmax Cataloging Module, staff can attach the library’s full range of digital objects to MARC records, create associated bibliographic data in the MARC format of their choice, and add technical metadata with ease.

Deliver excellent services that enhance user experience
- Offer extensive self-service options for ordering materials and managing user accounts
- Enable multilingual search and discovery capabilities
- Provide a universal solution for cataloging and circulation.
- Integrate library services into other user environments such as university portals and virtual learning systems

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  1. Increase staff efficiency with easily customizable built-in workflows and processes, based on industry best-practices
  2. Automate routines and free up library staff for more knowledge-intensive tasks
  3. A comprehensive set of modules covers every aspect of library activity, helping your library to better manage collections, improve circulation efficiency, and introduce new patron services.
  4. Based on industry best-practices, built-in workflows and processes increase staff efficiency. These can be easily customized to meet unique library requirements and operational procedures.
  5. Utilize extensive reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions that ensure the most effective management of collections and library resources

We’re committed to online development,enhancement ensuring that academic, research, and national libraries continue to offer staff and patrons with the solutions they need to meet their ever-evolving needs.

Other automated tasks include checking out and checking in books, generating statistics and reports, acquisitions and subscriptions, indexing journal articles and linking to them, as well as tracking interlibrary loans (under progress).



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