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It is a fast pace world when time is becoming limited in every walk of life; same is what we’re facing in education institutes. To move with the time, now one needs to be fast, effective and more efficient. Acadmax is an online solution for the problems faced by teachers and students nowadays. Through Acadmax, both student and teacher can find many ways to be productive by working as a unit and sharing information effectively. Unchained from prolonged, paper pushing responsibilities teachers can now spend the time more productively.

Teachers can make better decisions using synchronized data and they can see the precise information they need. They have many benefits including viewing, posting, defining, recording, analyzing, calculating, printing, altering, maintaining, assigning and uploading assignments, quizzes, notes and grades. They can also enter detailed notes about what’s projected of students and calculate term marks and final grades etc.

Teachers can also create score tests for use in evaluating a student’s course grade, which are afterwards automatically marked and results are simulated in student’s overall course marks depending on test weight-age and marks distribution policy set by the teacher. The system can also calculate relative percentage score of assignments, presentations and quizzes given by students to determine average marks.

Teachers can also manage their classes, schedules and results by using this software. This system also helps the faculty in creating papers for online and offline exams. They can also handle multiple projects within one single account; each project constructed in a unique way. In this software a teacher creates, preview and edit questions in a course question bank; a data base of questions. Entry to the question bank is possible while editing or creating a quiz activity or through the administration block. Question bank can be later on used for quizzes, assignments, online tests and through export process in a lesson.

Faculty can also teach a student from on or off a campus; by providing videos along with uploaded notes. This facilitates teachers the most. Any faculty member can send email to individual student, group or entire class.

Moreover the teachers can access the information any time, from any browser. They also have facility of mail service; in which folders and groups can be created, deleted or modified. They can also create, forward and reply messages to individual or group. Teachers can see complete calendar of their classes, view list of students enrolled or wait-listed for a class, which makes it easy for a teacher to select a criteria for teaching the students.

Blogs can also be created, which is a personal diary for teachers and a means of sending messages to a large audience. Forums for any department or subject can be created which is the best way to communicate with the students. Forums are a positive step towards creating a friendly link between teachers and students. Such forums can be used by a member to invite others for solving a scientific problem or starting a public discussion on any subject.

Documents can be uploaded, shared and viewed as private or public. Teachers are also facilitated with calendar interface, from where they can set the tasks and to-do items on the date basis. Reminders can also be turned on, by which messages are send to the related entity. Every task is highly controlled. They will also have access to student’s publicly shared documents, files, pictures, research papers, library contents/books/generals etc.

The Acadmax integrated library system is where a user can search entire library catalog and with robust multi-language capabilities ensure easy and efficient management and discovery of materials in all languages. A teacher can browse through all library materials – print, electronic and digital, detailed information on any library content is available which helps users to select the desired book. For details, visit Libmax.

Users can customize the search language; set default parameters; arrange search results; download or send results and receive selective broadcasting of information via email. Teachers remain updated about everything; they don’t miss even a bit of information using Acadmax.

All public content in this software is easily searchable. The system runs the concept of centralized data storage, which reduces redundancy rate. Acadmax also runs news and bulletins for the teachers. Users can communicate and share information across departments, organizations, systems and campuses. The system provides most efficient way to complete transactions.

Acadmax costs less to deploy and maintain it is easier to be trained on and more suitable to use. A teacher’s efficiency depends on its devotion to the work; which can easily be acquired through Acadmax. It effectively reduces both cost and valuable time. Acadmax campus solution integrates and streamlines the infrastructure on which the teacher’s lifecycle depends.

Time is free but it’s priceless; Acadmax is a perfect utilization of time.

Our strong “Help” section as well as our free customer service contribute to shorten the learning curve. Acadmax has no “bells and whistles”, it has what we feel teachers and their students need.



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