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  Admission Services
Manage education as service

Acadmax saves your administrative staff time and effort by providing fast, easy access to a broad range of student records, student activity, student profiles, and student health information, from admission to course registration, to managing assignments and tracking everyday activities, to violations and sanctions. Track, manage, and store up-to-the-minute student information at your fingertips, in summary or in detail. By simplifying routine processes and eliminating duplicative data entry, Acadmax helps your institution provide more effective student service and enhance your most vital relationships.

Define and Track Student's daily Activities

  • Track detail or summary attendance information for activities, meetings, clubs, forums, groups, monthly or annual events, and class attendance
  • Access session activity detail or summary information
  • Define available activities and organizations
  • Track activity and organizational involvement histories
  • Check for meeting schedule and locate conflicts

Manage Counseling Services

  • View profile information accumulated from student admissions applications
  • Review student grades
  • Track emails sent to a student's parent or guardian from any campus office
  • Determine student financial status with your institution, including outstanding bills, fees, fines, and holds
  • Examine student campus driving records
  • Maintain campus incident records

Managing Student Projects

- Manage multiple projects simultaneously and save time with project templates
- Multiple task management to organize your work efficiently
- Track project milestones
- Evaluate and manage progress through charts, calendars, set to-dos and reminders.
- Attach files with milestones for additional required documentation

Guide Students in Career Planning

- Identify a student's academic strengths and weaknesses
- Review and enter student interests and activities
- Design and update student’s resumes
- Forward information to prospective employer
- Produce skill inventories for students who have started the interview process
- Identify open positions and display upcoming interviews

Grading and Transcripts

Acadmax Grading & Transcripts provides your faculty with the ease of automated grade entry, plus the flexibility to use any grading scheme, change grade entries, and block grade changes. Students can print their own grade reports and unofficial transcripts. In addition, the module enables faculty advisors to create  degree  plans,  and  view  student  course  work  that  doesn't  satisfy  degree requirements, supporting multiple majors and degrees and allowing students to create various "what if" scenarios.

Acadmax Grading & Transcripts helps your faculty and students work more closely together, resulting in a higher level of student satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Flexible Automated Grade Entry
- Enter grades using any letter, plus and minus signs, and numeric-grading schemes
- Automated mid-term grading

Grade Update Management
- Change grades for all students based on specified definitions, and update student grade point averages and statistics
- Automatically update student classifications
- Enable students to print grade reports and produce grade distribution reports

Transcript Creation
- Create both official and unofficial transcripts
- Include or exclude transfer coursework
- Review transfer work before incorporating it into records
- Update statistics for any or all students
- Enable students to print their own unofficial transcripts

Student Advising
- Evaluate each student's progress toward graduation
- Suggest alternate courses to satisfy each requirement
- Evaluate the effect of course substitutions on student plans
- Offer alternatives based on a student's potential majors

Additional Functions and Features
- Grade projections tracking student eligibility for scholarships
- Web grade reporting and transcripts
- Satisfactory Academic Progress reports



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