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In today’s advancing age where development and progress is at its highest, the field of education equally requires the application of new and latest approaches.Acadmax campus solution provides opportunities to the student to excel in the field of education. It is rich in features for learning, time constraint problem and not complicated at all. It is also secure and flexible.

Student’s faces a lot of problems concerning their institution, so acadmax campus solution is facilitating them to get admission through student’s daily activities alumni and teacher’s relationship. It will organize and simplify the frame work on which student’s life cycle depends; either you are school, collage or university student.Acadmax offers the functionality to help us to achieve the objectives of our institution, it is developed in such a way that every student can easily get help from it.

Now a days online campus is the new expertise in which students can easily share their information, and get information from department, campuses and administration.
Acadmax campus solution is the browser-based that students access their information any time, any where from any web browser.

Students can easily manage their lecture schedule, time table and assignments. They can automatically inform through internal e-mail concerning assignments, presentation and quizzes and they can place their assignments within the given time limit. They can also easily get their evaluation of mid term and final terms. They can also get information about their subjects. Through acadmax students progress will be displayed because teachers manage class grades online so students can easily perceive their results and also compare it with class mates for the competition.

Every student gets its assignments, presentation and quizzes with the necessary description through their email. Students will be in contact with their teachers through messages; this makes interaction and communication from students extremely high. Student can be informed through automatic notification whenever new assignment is posted, postponement of lecture, project deadline is coming and library book is over-due or fee is not paid etc.

Student financial account is also opened, monitor and update it whenever required. Students can calculate tuition fee for semester with different combination of courses. The financial module can list account balances and post transactions. Students can pay their fee through credit cards; unique bill is also generated for students.

From the acadmax library system students can easily search their required books and if the book is not available they will be easily reserved in advance, and also notify them whenever book is available. It also has user interface for staff, student and visitor. Students can also search within the acdmax campus portal for students shared documents, research papers, pictures, files, generals forums etc

So acadmax campus solution is also beneficial for those students who can’t continue their studies, due to jobs now they have access to their studies essentially free from many of the barriers of time and location, allowing them to access instruction at anytime from anywhere.  From this they will be easily continue their studies and regular students also manage their learning experience.



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