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Now more than ever, libraries are facing the challenges of escalating user expectations, a diverse and rapidly expanding information universe, and the demand for increased operational efficiencies. To meet these challenges, libraries require an infrastructure that enables them to continue offering their services in a constantly evolving environment.

Does your ILS enable you to meet these challenges?

Libmax, integrated library system (ILS), and a tightly-coupled module of Acadmax, is developed on latest Microsoft web technologies using best DB-design practices and security model, software to act on that database, and have 3-tier graphical user interface (one for staff, one for partron and one for visitor). To ensure high-end security application is seperated into discrete programs (modules), which are then integrated into a unified interface. Examples of modules include: acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials), cataloging (classifying and indexing materials), circulation (lending materials to patrons and receiving them back), serials (tracking magazine and newspaper holdings), and the OPAC (public interface for users). Each patron and item has a unique ID in the database that allows LibmaX to track its activity.

Designed with open architectures, LibmaX allow the integration of library data into other user environments, such as university portals and virtual learning systems. Robust multi-language capabilities ensure easy and efficient management and discovery of materials in all languages.

Libmax is a comprehensive automation solution for Library systems, catering management and distribution of all materials – print, electronic and digital. Dedicated to developing the market’s most inventive and creative solutions, Libmax lead the way in defining and designing efficient, user-friendly products that serve the needs of academic, research and national libraries today, enabling them to transition into the future.



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